Lavender shooting

Ahh, lavender. Who doesn’t love lavender?

My dream was to shoot in lavender field and can’t believe I finally found it! Thanks one lady who showed it to me, it was so magical. So violet, many butterflies around and bees, which wasn’t so beautiful, I have insect phobia! Model was gorge Vanja; Dress by Mirjana Vujčić.

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“Life in a box” shooting

Love shooting black vs white. Love the contrast and love how the subject stands out. I choose beautiful Andjela, who reminds me of the singer Lorde, to be my model for that shooting. Love how her face suits the photo theme. That for her first shooting but not the least, If you ask me 🙂

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Not yourself concept

I wanted to create a serie where model can’t control everything. I used male hands painted in black to make a contrast and to see how will gonna look like when other person do things and not you.
Why black? Because black show strength, black is such a strong and powerful colour. We are living in the world where people telling you what you need to do, media is controling you, technology, everything… I wanted to send a message that the only person who can that is nobody but you. Don’t let anybody control you. Everything is in your hands and not others.

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Marija Žeželj shooting

Hello people,

So finally I’ve decided to make a blog where I will be posting BTS photos and videos and telling stories. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Last week I did a shooting with Marija Žeželj. I wanted to create a magic fairytale using smoke bombs. This beautiful location was a perfect place to create something different.

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